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Tips for hybrid event planning

  • 1.  Tips for hybrid event planning

    Posted 27-07-2023 12:22 PM

    Hello members, here is some helpful information for your upcoming hybrid event, hybrid events are those that are held both in-person and online. This type of event is a good solution for people who want to attend an event but cannot attend in person but they also provide an opportunity for networking and friendship face to face. Here are some tips for making your hybrid event a success 

    Topic – an engaging topic will draw the crowd in-person and online. Recently the ATS delivered the Brisbane Metro Adelaide Street Tunnel event which ticked the boxes for topic and resonated locally to draw the crowd in. 67 people attended in-person and over 600 online.

    Know your crowd – understand the target audience and how they best like to interact. If the crowd likes networking, plan for a shorter presentation with more time for Q&A in-person with the speaker.

    Speaker line up – the speaker must present in-person at the nominated venue. They do not present virtually. That way the speaker interacts with the in-person attendees at the conclusion of the event, this acts as a bonus only available to the participant if they attend in-person.

    Promotion – planning the event well ahead (minimum eight weeks) will allow extra promotion time. Using your personal networks in addition Engineers Australia's marketing team offers is essential for drawing more people.

    In-person experience – time is a big factor including the day of the week the event is held. Most successful days are Tuesday to Thursday with a 5.00 or 5.30 pm start. Add time for networking and don't run for too long (one hour maximum for online including Q&A. 45-60 mins for networking in-person). People are time poor. Remember your audience, there have been successful events run at lunch time. Recently, the Society of Fire Safety delivered the Fire safety provisions for NSW building legislation at 1.00 pm in Sydney. 38 people attended in-person and 280 online.

    Hannah Watkinson