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  • 1.  EA Event Venues

    Posted 12-04-2023 09:42 AM

    Good morning everyone, 
    I have reviewed the event format guidelines and for physical events there is an option between EA Venue or other venue. 

    For locations that do not have EA venues, is there a pathway to ask EA to contribute to the event hire cost? We would like to organise a breakfast event to celebrate the Women in Engineering day, but we we are we have no EA venue and the cost of venue hire and catering results in quire a significant cost so that we do not believe we get good attendance because of that. 

    I would appreciate any suggestions or guidance in that regards. 

    Kind Regards, Christina

    Christina Knorr

  • 2.  RE: EA Event Venues

    Posted 17-04-2023 08:15 AM

    Hi Christina, I am also in a regional committee, and we have been advised that events should break even, hence we are seeking venues with minimal hire cost. 

    Christina Green

  • 3.  RE: EA Event Venues

    Posted 17-04-2023 02:02 PM

    Hi both Christinas!
    Christina from Rocky is right that we ask that Regional and all offsite events to aim to break even.  We ask that you put together a budget that shows any costs and any ticket pricing.    With any offsite event, whether regional or in a capital city we always try to negotiate to either have venue hire included within the catering costs (where we can agree minimum numbers required for that), or have only a small venue hire that hopefully also includes AV costs.

    Once you have your budget together you would work with one of the team to get everything agreed (including any agreement to absorb the venue hire cost), or tweak anything.  
    Along the journey just reach out to the local EA team to get any assistance/guidance needed. (and Christina from Cairns - we have already discussed this over email so think you are all good to go to continue your planning for the International Women in Engineering Day event in Cairns).

    Stacey Rawlings
    General Manager - Qld
    Engineers Australia