The construction community is the professional home for all engineers working within or contributing to the construction industry. Unlike a College or Technical Society, a Community is a multidisciplinary area of people who all have a professional interest in a common outcome. It takes all sorts of engineers and associates to successfully complete a construction project, all contributing their skillset to achieve the common goal.

Whilst every construction project has its own set of challenges and technical difficulties to overcome, there is a common set of skills and working practices that ultimately leads to a successful delivery of a project. This community is a place to celebrate and enhance the development of this area of engineering.

Construction engineering deals with all areas of construction of public, commercial and industrial infrastructure, structures and plant including brownfield and greenfield sites.

Construction engineering is a professional service that utilises specialised, construction engineering techniques and technology to oversee the planning and construction activities from beginning to its end.

Its purpose is to coordinate and control construction processes and activities to meet the construction aims and objectives of time, cost, quality and safety to the required specifications and industry standards in a sustainable way. The roles in practice are commonly called Site Engineers, Project Engineers or Project Managers.

The main engineering disciplines of civil, structural, mechanical and electrical typically form the construction engineering professionals. Construction Engineering is not meant to be in place of these discipline type areas, but an Area of Practice which focus on the process and methods used to collaboratively achieve the outcome.

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