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Webinar - Practical Industrial IoT 

Webinar - Practical Industrial IoT
Arlen Nipper, Glen Fry
Sunday, January 29, 2023
Practical Industrial IoT
With the growth of analytics and the benefits of harnessing data from OT, a common question we hear is how best to implement an IIoT solution. Companies are struggling on how to start this process given their current industrial environment in a cost-effective and scalable manner to begin their Digital Transformation journey.

Presenter and President of Cirrus Link Solutions, Arlen Nipper (co-inventor of MQTT), discusses the origins of MQTT, and follows with a demonstration of the benefits and best practices around MQTT, and in particular the power of the Sparkplug B payload for IIoT Solutions. He steps through the enablement for OT edge connectivity, Data Standardization and integration of Cloud data stores and analytic services using the Cirrus Link MQTT Modules and the Ignition 8 Platform.

Arlen Nipper brings over 38 years of experience in the SCADA industry to Cirrus Link as President and CTO. He was one of the early architects of pervasive computing and the Internet of Things and co-invented MQTT, a publish-subscribe network protocol that has become the dominant messaging standard in IoT. He has worked for Amoco and Koch Oil, and served as President and CTO of Arcom Control Systems and Eurotech Inc. His experience covers a broad range of technology from the design and manufacturing of embedded systems to SCADA system infrastructure implementations.

Glen Fry has been involved in industrial automation for over 30 years. A founder of two tech companies and a passionate early adopter, Glen travels widely (when that was a thing!) to identify key tech and concepts in international manufacturing and bring those back to Australia. He was among the first to introduce high now commonplace technologies like EtherCAT in Australia, and more recently has worked with Inductive Automation as part of their global expansion of their Ignition platform for IIoT, SCADA, and MES.

Speakers: Glen Fry and Arlen Nipper
Host: Tim Kannegieter

Recorded: 7 July, 2020

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