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Webinar - Overcoming IIoT Data Interoperability Challenges with OPC UA 

Webinar - Overcoming IIoT Data Interoperability Challenges with OPC UA
Darek Kominek
Sunday, January 29, 2023
Overcoming IIoT Data Interoperability Challenges with OPC UA
With the advent of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industrie4.0, the need for secure enterprise wide data visibility has fast become a key requirement for companies to remain competitive. While many of the new IIoT technologies coming from the IT sector (machine learning, big data analytics, and direct-to-cloud communications) promise great benefits to the discrete, process, and hybrid industries – the reality is that facilitating IIoT era access to OT data systems requires solutions that:

  • Adhere to IT cyber security best practices since security threads continue to grow
  • Comply with OT best practices to maximize up-time, quality, efficiency, and safety
  • Enable new technologies to be phased in while maximizing and modernizing existing infrastructure
  • Simplify architectures to reduce cost and training needed to maintain them
  • Express data context in a common format across 3rd party systems
This presentation introduces the OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) standard from the OPC Foundation, discusses how the standard meets the above requirements, and touches on how OPC UA has come to play a central role in virtually every IIoT/I4.0 standard globally.

Darek Kominek
As the Marketing Director at Matrikon (Honeywell), Darek helps vendors, system integrators, and end-users best leverage Matrikon OPC UA technology as the data connectivity foundation for their products, projects, and infrastructures respectively. He also leads the Matirkon Solutions Consulting team that develops OPC based solution architectures and to assists with Proof of Concept (PoC) projects.

Darek is a member of the OPC Foundation Marketing Control Board (MCB) where he works with leadership to help strategize and drive OPC UA adoption, presents globally on behalf of the OPC Foundation, fosters collaboration with other standards organizations, and publishes articles about the advantages of using OPC UA in the IIoT/Industrie4.0/M2M space. Earlier in his career, Darek worked as a software engineer at Hewlett Packard, GE, and owned and operated a software consulting firm. Darek got his bachelor's degree in computer engineering from the University of Alberta.

Speaker: Darek Kominek
Host: Geoff Sizer

Recorded: 26 May, 2020 

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