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Webinar - Do You Own Your Own Data? 

Webinar - Do You Own Your Own Data?
Norman Ballard
Sunday, January 29, 2023
Do you own your own data?
Increasingly, IOT devices are measuring and transmitting data to cloud servers around the world. The data may be measured on your property, on plant and equipment that you own, and as part of a process that is integral to your business, but that does mean you own the data?

Norman Ballard, electronics engineer, self-proclaimed Technocrat, Innovator, and problem solver has worked as an Electronics Engineer for the last 23 years.

After completing a Master’s Degree in Electronics Engineering at the University of Cape Town, Norman worked as an design engineer at General Electric where he learned good design practice and the importance of rigorous systems; he then moved into the world of sales, working for Avnet Electronics as a Product manager and then as Director of the Semiconductor Division. A later move to Motorola, a global semiconductor manufacturer, exposed Norman to best and worst practices in thousands of small and medium sized manufacturing businesses.

Following a move to Australia, Norman used his experience in design, sales and business to establish Hummingbird Electronics. Hummingbird electronics enjoyed significant growth, becoming well known for delivering innovative electronics solutions in the automotive sector. Hummingbird Electronics was the recipient of the 2014 Business of the Year award in the Hunter Region Business Excellence Awards and was acquired by Adelaide-based advanced manufacturer REDARC Electronics in May 2015.

In 2019, Norman decided it was time to gain new skills and start new adventures. Subsequently, Norman has joined BlueZone Group, a supplier of subsea equipment, as General Manager Engineering and is involved with the Newcastle start-up community as Brand Ambassador for Senquip, a manufacturer of sensor gateways for industrial markets.

Speaker: Norman Ballard
Host: Tim Kannegieter

Recorded: 21 July, 2020

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