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Welcome to your community!

  • 1.  Welcome to your community!

    Posted 30-08-2023 10:36 AM

    Hello, wonderful NT Student members!

    Let's kick off some introductions with a touch of NT flair. Take a moment to introduce yourself – share your field of study and add a unique fun fact that sets you apart. I'm Clementine, part of the admin team for EAXchange, and my mission is to ensure this space becomes a useful and fun resource for each of you.

    Here's a template to guide your intros, or feel free to write your own:

    🌟 About Me: With a background in [Your Field/Area of Expertise], I've made NT my base for [text here].

    📚 What I'm Studying: Currently, I'm deeply engrossed in [What You're Studying or Researching]. The world of engineering is my passion because [your thoughts here].

    🎉 Fun Fact: When I'm not engrossed in studies, you might spot me [Your Fun Fact].

    Can't wait to delve into your stories and journeys!

    Best regards,

    Clem 🌈

    Clementine West