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  • 1.  Salome-Meca/Code_Astere

    Posted 07-04-2023 03:58 PM

    Hi all,
    Did anyone try Code_Astere for Windows?
    I have been playing with this package to do some FEA on steel connections/steel elements and I have trouble generating the output file for ParaVis from AsterStudy.
    I have watched some tutorials but most of them are running on Linux machines and it appears that their version has an extra line in the menu...


    Nicolas B

  • 2.  RE: Salome-Meca/Code_Astere

    Posted 15-08-2023 12:04 AM

    Hi Boica,

    Realise this is an old post.

    A few years ago I dabbled with Salome Mecca and Code_Aster firstly on linux and then on windows. I did get it working on windows by following the book by Jean-Pierre Aubry ... Publication of two books regarding Code_Aster and Salome-Meca - Code_Aster (

    Biggest problem using the software was that errors are written in French, so there was a lot of translating to find out why something didn't solve.  

    I ended up grabbing a copy of Mecway which I found more intuitive to install and use. 


    Alan Turner

    Alan Turner