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Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) Guidance and Template for Audits/ Inspections of Roads

  • 1.  Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) Guidance and Template for Audits/ Inspections of Roads

    Posted 31-07-2023 06:19 PM
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    In WA, any works on or near a road or railway requires a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS). A SWMS is not a JSA or JSEA.

    A JSA is usually completed before the development of a SWMS and includes risk assessment and analysis (coloured tables). A SWMS is a document that sets out the high-risk construction work activities to be carried out at a workplace, the hazards arising from these activities and the measures to be put in place to control the risks.

    Both the JSA and SWMS are important tools, and both should be used and treated accordingly. For auditors, the JSEA will identify and assess all the risks associated with the company or business undertaking audits. A SWMS will then be prepared for each audit to be undertaken, using the JSEA to inform this along with site specific risks, e.g., weather on that day or night, travel times to and from the site, lack of escape routes due to cuttings or guardrails, etc...

    I have developed and used a SWMS for road safety audits and roadwork inspections for a few months now and have refined it to a level that I believe serves its purpose well as it has continually highlighted hazards on site that have made me change the way I do audits and reduce my teams' exposure to hazards.

    Many auditors and inspectors are either not aware of this requirement or have not been able to find a suitable template and guide to assist. I have therefore made my template available to download free of charge. It includes a link to the Worksafe WA 'Safe work method statement for high risk construction work' Information Sheet.

    The template is attached.

    This template is provided for information and assistance with preparing the SWMS. All persons preparing the SWMS must make themselves familiar with the requirements of WA's WHS Act and Regulations and the guidance provided in the reference link on the template.

    David Wilkins


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