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Roof loads from solar panels

  • 1.  Roof loads from solar panels

    Posted 18-08-2023 01:02 PM

    I note that B1D3 in Vol Two of the NCC code now requires certain Class 7b buildings to be designed for an additional notional permanent roof load of 0.15kPa to allow for the addition of solar panels. No other guidance is added.

    This raises several matters in my mind.

    Why is the NCC being used as the mechanism to define building loads outside of adopted Australian Standards. Is the system that broken.

    I agree that guidance on how to allow for roof mounted solar panels is needed and should have been in the Australian Standards long ago.

    The NCC wording leaves many aspects of designing for possible solar panel loading unanswered.

    If the 0.15kPa permanent load is applied, does the 0.25kPa live load still get applied over the same area?

    Members thoughts would be appreciated.

    Graeme Roberts
    GR Consulting Engineers
    BE Hons MIE (Aust) CPEng