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  • 1.  Clean Energy Engineering Area of Practice

    Posted 11-06-2023 09:25 AM

    Are any members in this group contributing to (or even aware of) the Clean Energy AOP currently under development?

    I am concerned that the current representation in the initiative is heavily skewed towards proponents / disciplines related to wind and solar with little concern or understanding of the huge potential of bioenergy and other energies needed to decarbonise Australia's "hard to abate" sectors such as aviation. Disturbingly, several contributors even suggested that bioenergy should be excluded on the basis that it emits CO2 when burned.

    I feel that we will need to advocate hard to ensure that the likes of bioenergy, etc. are adopted within the scope of this AOP to ensure we have appropriately trained and qualified Chemical Engineers that can meet the challenges and demands of building out and operating these new and emerging industries. 

    Keen to hear any thoughts...

    PS. I will share relevant info with this community and seek your input.

    Scott Vildovas

  • 2.  RE: Clean Energy Engineering Area of Practice

    Posted 13-06-2023 09:37 AM

    Hi Scott,

    There are ten AOP under consideration \covering, Rail, Cyber, Software, Clean Energy, Hydrogen, Nuclear, Manufacturing, Maritime, Transport and Water Engineering. Whilst I am currently a member of the hydrogen AOP, the Chemical College currently is not represented on the clean energy AOP. I agree with your comments that clean energy should be much broader than wind and solar. Bioenergy, biodigestion, biogas and renewable gas, biofuels, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel are all key technologies. I have now joined the clean energy AOP and will be attending the next meeting in July. Happy to receive any input you would like me to include.<o:p></o:p>


    Keith Sharp