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  • 1.  Alan Finkle

    Posted 30-11-2023 11:03 AM

    Alan Finkle shared his insights on energy transition in Australia with his talk, "Calling for engineers to work on the largest economic transition since the dawn of agriculture" at day two of #CSE23:

     "There is no easy solution. This will be the biggest engineering challenge ever undertaken. But the pride we feel as engineers in our work and in our history – its optimism, daring and determination – gives us the impetus to push boundaries of science, technology, and imagination in pursuit of a brighter future for generations to come."

    What are your thoughts on the energy transition? 

    Hannah Watkinson

  • 2.  RE: Alan Finkle

    Posted 30-11-2023 09:03 PM

    Incredibly important, but two speakers that also kept the thought-provoking going was Ruby from Alinga and Eleanor from EWB. It needs to be done as there are communities that will suffer as a result of others action and inaction. The only way forward is a Just transition where TOS and First Nations have a seat at the table and we put planet before profit. The environment and its people shouldn't pay for progress. 

    Lachlan Gadd