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The Latest News on Energy Transition March 2024

By Hannah Watkinson posted 21-03-2024 02:42 PM


Energy Transition News March 2024  

Energy Transition News is back for March! We have a fresh batch of interesting articles for you. The main topics of the month are the AEMC’s new customer energy resources rules and electric vehicles. If these do not take your interest we have an article on fireproof batteries, renewables targets and wind farms as well. March was so full of news that we couldn’t possibly fit it all in. So, did we miss anything? Let us know what news you have been reading on the energy transition in the comments


Scientists Just Invented Fireproof Water Batteries For Safer Energy Storage 

Scientists Just Invented Fireproof Water Batteries For Safer Energy Storage. Lithium batteries have been in all of our news feeds for posing a fire risk in storage so this group of scientists have just invented fireproof water batteries. Read More.  


Unleashing the power of CER for lower bills and a sustainable energy future 

Read this to learn how  The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC)is trying to make it easier for households and businesses to capture the value of their customer energy resources and ultimately have greater control over their energy bills    


Power to the people? Critics says new rule that affects EVs and batteries misses mark 

Read this to learn more about the controversy surrounding a new electric vehicle rule. This article relates to the story above and the way that AEMC’s new consideration to have Clean Energy Resources (CER) separately metered and managed from their “passive” loads, like lights and fridges.  

South Australia fast-tracks 100 pct renewables target to 2027 

Read this to learn about how South Australia has brought their 100% renewables target forward to 2027. They are looking at achieving this through a combination of wind, solar and hydrogen energy.  


CEC calls for big budget spend on renewables, and net zero grid by 2035 

Read this to find out more about the clean energy councils (CEC) call to labour to accelerate Australia’s transition to renewables. They have asked for more investment “with a view to realising the full decarbonisation of the electricity sector by 2035.” 


ARENA – Vehicle to Grid – Insights Final Report 

This report is the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA’s) final report on vehicle to grid. The insights explore how electric vehicles can aid in stabilising the energy grid.  


The new EVs on the way to Australia as model numbers leap to more than 100 

Read this to find out about all of the new electric vehicles models coming to Australia! As of the end of February Australia had 60 electric vehicle models but that number is expected to grow to over 100 by the end of 2024.  


Researchers found 37 mine sites in Australia that could be converted into renewable energy storage. So what are we waiting for? 

Read this to learn about the potential of recycling mining sites in Australia into pumped hydro energy storage. The article is not suggesting that operating mines be closed – rather, that pumped hydro storage be considered as part of site rehabilitation at the end of the mine’s life. 


Only three wind farms were connected to the power grid last year. Here's what's holding up Australia's clean energy transition. 

Read this article that talks about the extensive wait times for large scale renewable energy and why only 115 turbines across three windfarms were connected to the grid in Australia last year.