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The latest news on energy transition (November) 21.11.2023

By Hannah Watkinson posted 21-11-2023 01:05 PM


Energy Transition News November  

November has been big for energy transition. From new rules for the AEMC when it comes to local transition projects to the world’s first big battery in South Australia. Aerospace engineers will be interested in finding out more about the hydrogen powered electric aircraft Vertiia and we all get to explore how AI integrates with the energy transition. If you enjoy our energy transition blogs make sure to register for our Climate Smart Engineering Conference in Melbourne on the 29th and 30th of November, hurry registrations closing soon! #CSE23 Register here


Bowen says accelerating switch to renewables essential to “keep the lights on” 

Read this to see why the federal energy minister, Chris Bowen does not agree with the crowd of people who have been saying an 82 per cent renewable target is unrealistic and how he believes that an accelerated transition to green energy is necessary to reduce emissions, Bowen also voices their opinion on nuclear and the timelines required to use such an energy resource.  

Making money green: Australia takes its first steps towards a net zero finance strategy 

Read this to see how Australia’s aspiration to not only reach a net zero economy but also to be a green energy powerhouse has lead to the world’s first big battery next to a wind farm of nearly 100 turbines in South Australia.  

Final community engagement rules for major transmission projects 

Read this to see why the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) will be consulting local communities when it comes to major transmission projects in their area.  

Electric vehicles will cut household energy bills in half, says network chief 

Read this to see why Andrews Bills, CEO of SA Power Networks, believes that the switch to electric vehicles will not only save money via cheaper transport but will also make energy cheaper for Australian households.  


AEMO delivers more reforms for the NEM - including two new markets 

Read this to find out more about the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) is introducing to new National Electricity Market (NEM) reforms in order to improve Australia's power system and meet future energy needs. This links to the reform implementation roadmap.  

Strong demand for community batteries across Australia 

Read this to find out about the high demand for batteries since the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) opened up round 1 of the community batteries funding program leading to more than $3.5 billion of battery deployment projects seeking funding.  

Why AI and energy are the new power couple 

Read this to see how AI is entering the energy transition environment and helping navigate the demand for information exchange within our growing power systems.

Australia’s big batteries: What do they do and how do they make money? 

Read this to find out about the introduction of big batteries in the Australian market, what they are doing for energy storage and how they may be of economic benefit for Australia.  

Renewable hydrogen takes to the skies 

Read this ARENA article to find out more about Vertiia, a hydrogen powered electric aircraft of (eVTOL). This eVTOL will be capable of carrying up to five passengers.  

Forging the path to net zero: CEFC Annual Report 2022-23 

Read the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) annual report to see how they are working towards net zero.  

Smaller, lighter lithium-sulphur battery lowers costs and improves recycling options 

Read this article to learn more about a new lithium-sulphur battery design that can reduce the amount of lithium required in a single battery with an innovative nanoporous polymer-coated lithium foil anode.  

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16-12-2023 05:46 PM

These blogs are nothing but propaganda for federal government policy.  Why don't you report on the cost of hydrogen?  Why don't you report on the cost of transmission and distribution that is excluded from the GenCost report?  Why is there no attempt to explain the fact that electricity prices in NSW, Victoria and South Australia have skyrocketed over the past 25 years, from some of the lowest in the world to the highest.  This has occurred despite the claim that wind and solar are lower-cost energy sources than coal and nuclear.