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The Latest News on Energy Transition 07.09.2023

By Hannah Watkinson posted 07-09-2023 03:30 PM


The Latest in Energy Transition News 07.09.23 


This week in energy transition news we talk about the economics of different clean energy sources as well as the potential of offshore solar in countries like Indonesia.  


The CEC issued its Q2 2023 Renewable Projects report 

Read this article by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) if you would like to know about the massive $2 billion worth of storage and hybrid projects that reached the investment stage in Q2. 


CEFC spends record $1.2 billion on renewables, as focus turns to the grid  

Read this article about the Clean Energy Finance Corporations focus on upgrading the grid in the new financial year.  


CSIRO - New report to accelerate Australia's hydrogen-powered transport future 

Read this article on the ‘Hydrogen vehicle refuelling infrastructure’ report released by CSIRO and GHD Advisory which sets out the opportunities and challenges for refuelling hydrogen-powered road vehicles in Australia. 


Battery storage charges on as new wind and solar projects hit new low 

Read this renew economy article about the preference of investing in battery storage rather than wind and solar energy.  


China’s CATL launches “superfast” battery that can add 400km in less time to sip a latte 

Read this article about the new world’s first “4C superfast” charging lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery being developed by Contemporary Amperex Technology Co.  


A near 100pct renewable grid for Australia is feasible and affordable, with just a few hours of storage 

Read this article about the feasibility of a 100% renewable electricity with just five hours of storage and the alternativities such as a less expensive 96%-99% renewable grid.  


Why the US alliance needs to extend into boardrooms - In the year since the IRA became law, the United States has invested more than $5.5 billion into Australia’s critical minerals and clean tech sectors. 

This is a paid opinion article of the belief that the Inflation Reduction Act has jump-started an unparalleled clean energy transition – catalysed by government incentives and implemented by private-sector investments and action – that is creating unprecedented opportunity for Australian mining and energy companies. 


‘Limitless’ energy - how floating solar panels near the equator could power future population hotspots 

Read this article about the potential power of floating solar panels and offshore solar in Indonesia.