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The Latest News on Energy Transition 18.08.2023

By Hannah Watkinson posted 18-08-2023 08:06 AM


The Latest News on Energy Transition 18.08.23 


We have a lot of energy transition news for you this week! From flexing coal generators to the latest report on the state of electric vehicles in Australia, both locally and internationally we are seeing changes in the way we produce and consume energy.  


AEMO announces future energy planning scenarios - 2023 Inputs, Assumptions and Scenarios Report (IASR) 

Read this AEMO article that goes into their future energy planning scenarios, these three scenarios being green energy exports, step change and progressive change.  


AEMO to model “extremely rapid” green energy switch, even as transmission costs soar 

Read this after you have read the above article. Above you will get AEMOs perspective and this article is released by renew economy which gives a few main takes from the energy planning scenarios.  


State of Electric Vehicles 2023 report - The Electric Vehicle Council  

Read this report by the electric vehicle council to get an understanding of the current state of electric vehicles in Australia.  


Australian Energy Council Q2 2023 Solar Report 

Read this Australian Energy Council Solar Report for the state of solar wrap up for quarter 2 of 2023. It details electric housing and payback period model.  


White Paper – Opportunities cost – how Australia is inadvertently squandering its long term benefits from the energy transition 

Read this white paper by orange compass that gives information on ways to benefit from long term energy transition and solutions such as changing old patterns.  


AEMC releases draft community engagement rules for major transmission projects 

Read this article by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) to find out more about the proposed new rules for new transmission projects, this includes changes such as local communities being consulted sooner.  


Radical national strategy needed in Australia’s renewable energy journey, industry says 

Read this article by Australian Manufacturing to learn more about the discussion that occurred at the recent national manufacturing summit, including a call to implement a radical national strategy to make Australia’s renewable energy revolution a reality.  


Smart buildings project to cut emissions and electricity costs in NSW 

Read this CSIRO article about smart buildings in NSW to learn how new technology can ease pressure on the energy grid.  


“Bad policy:” Battery industry warns reheated rules will delay investment 

Read this article by Renew Economy if you want to know about the conflicting opinions on new policy for stricter rules for big battery facilities. 


AGL teaches its ageing coal plants how to flex around the rooftop solar duck  

Read this article to see how AGL is using a flex system to maximise profit as the Australian grid absorbs more variable wind and solar