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Energy Transition News 20.07.23

By Hannah Watkinson posted 20-07-2023 09:19 AM


Energy Transition News 20.07.23 

This week in energy transition news we discuss the record temperatures felt around the world this week and what renewable energy can do to help, how Australian billionaires are making a difference in the US, and why some industry leaders believe that Australia will not hit its 2030 climate targets. We also look at new innovations such as the world's first hydrogen pilot for low carbon alumina and the design and structure of the growing numbers of public electric vehicle charging stations. We are also enlightened by a joint project that hopes to make solar more affordable and accessible at a time when multi-tenant houses are struggling financially.  

Engineering Roadmap FY2024 Priority actions report  

 Read this if you would like to know more about AEMO’s Engineering Roadmap FY2024 Priority Actions Report, outlining the activities AEMO plans to undertake in the 2023–24 financial year (FY2024) to help prepare the National Electricity Market (NEM) for operation at times of 100 percent instantaneous renewables. 



Meeting 2030 energy targets close to ‘impossible’ 

 Read this financial review subscribers only article if you would like to know why some energy industry leaders are increasingly convinced that Australia will miss its 2030 climate targets.  



Bowen: We’re playing catch-up, but 82 pct renewables target can be met  

Read this if you would like to know the conversation sparked by the recent new temperature records and the role that climate change and renewable energy plays.  



Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2023 - IEA's global assessment of recent developments for over 50 components of the energy system that are critical for clean energy transitions 

Read this IEA tracking clean energy report to understand the latest information on the components assessed which include sectors, subsectors, technologies, infrastructure and cross-cutting strategies 



World first hydrogen pilot for low carbon alumina 

 Read this to know why on behalf of the Australian Government, The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has announced $32.1 million for Rio Tinto and Sumitomo Corporation to trial hydrogen calcination technology at the Yarwun Alumina Refinery in Gladstone, Queensland. 



Serving Customers Best: The benefits of competitive electric vehicle charging stations 

Read this to know why state policy makers have such a vital role in the design and structure of public charging stations for electric vehicles. This news comes as electric vehicle sales are projected to grow exponentially over the coming years so the public charging stations to accommodate that demand must grow too.  


Interim authorisation for electricity industry to coordinate maintenance 

 Read this ACCC article to learn why The ACCC has granted interim authorisation for the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and electricity industry participants in the National Electricity Market to collaborate to ensure reliability of electricity supply during Australia’s transition towards renewable electricity. Without authorisation from the ACCC, these coordinated arrangements could risk breaching competition laws. 


Billionaire-backed 100-hour iron-air battery gets go ahead to help replace coal 

 Read this if you would like to know about the state regulator approved, 10 year-lifespan iron-air battery that is receiving support in America in order to help replace the use of coal.  


 Forrest poised to open battery making hub – but in the US 

 Read this if you would like to know the financials review take on the iron-air battery and the Australian billionaire supporting the project in the US.  


Shared solar dream-team hopes to make PV for social housing a “no-brainer” 

Read this to learn how four companies have joined forces in an attempt to make energy more affordable via solar for multi-tenant housing.