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The Latest News on Energy Transition 21.06.2023

By Hannah Watkinson posted 21-06-2023 02:55 PM


Energy Transition News 21.06.23 

A mid-week update with some more energy transition news. We go global with studies into net zero steel production and explore more local options when it comes to a new smart energy tool. We also discuss what is in between, such as Teslas chargers becoming popular internationally and which countries are globally the most attractive for renewable energy.  


Appointment of Net Zero Economy Agency and Advisory Board 

Read this if you would like to know the chair and advisory board for the Net Zero Economy Agency. This board was created to manage the transformation to a clean energy economy.  


Consumer smart energy tool to assist households in reducing energy bills 

Read this if you are interested in how households can use this new solar maximiser tool to economically assess their potential consumer energy resources.  


Ørsted and Vestas to use low-carbon steel and recycled blades in offshore wind projects 

 Read this if you are interested in how Ørsted and Vesta are working to create a net zero wind farm using recycled materials for their turbine towers.  


“Tesla owns the gas stations:” Ford and GM trigger domino effect on EV charging standard 
Read this if you are interested as to why the rest of the world is switching to Tesla’s North American Charging Standard.  


Global steel industry can quit coal, reach net-zero by early 2040s, study finds 

Read this if you want to know how a German study believes the global steel industry could phase out coal-based steel and establish a global green iron trade.  


Most attractive countries for renewable energy investments worldwide as of April 2021, based on RECAI score 

Read this if you have access to statista and would like a breakdown on Global renewable energy attractiveness score by country 2021.