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The Latest News on Energy Transition 16.06.23

By Hannah Watkinson posted 16-06-2023 03:56 PM


Energy Transition News 16.06.23 

The latest energy transition news, we have renewable power breaking records around the world, how we can recycle solar panels, cars with lithium batteries and Origins increased spend on renewable energy.  


Renewable power on course to shatter more records as countries around the world speed up deployment 

Read this if you are interested in the global uptake of renewable energy. The increased price of fossil fuels and energy security concerns are being recognised internationally which is leading to record breaking renewable power usage/production.   


Repair, reuse and recycle: dealing with solar panels at the end of their useful life 

Read this  if want to know how solar can become more renewable throughout its whole cycle, including the end of its life as a solar panel.  


New Origin owner may outspend Andrew Forrest in Australia’s biggest renewables play: Here’s how 

Read this if you are interested in how the agreed new owner of Origin, Canada’s Brookfield Asset management is increasing its planned spending on renewables and storage.  


How Australian lithium helped Tesla make Model 3 cheaper than Toyota Camry - US 

Read this if you would like to know how analysts speculate Tesla was able to have all three US tesla model 3 variants fall under the $7,500 US IRA electric vehicle tax credit and what Australian lithium batteries had to do with it.