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The Latest News on Energy Transition 01.06.2023

By Hannah Watkinson posted 01-06-2023 03:39 PM


Energy Transition News 01.06.23 


Hello Members,  

Today we discuss budget resources, electrical vehicles and their batteries, the future of renewables within NSW and the connections reform roadmap by AEMO and the Clean Energy Council. We hope you enjoy these five different articles with some of the latest updates on energy transition news.  

The Parliamentary Library issued an Energy transition Budget brief  

Read this if you are interested in energy transition in terms of 2023-24 budget resources.  


Connections reform initiative delivering much-needed change for clean energy investors 

Read this if you’re interested in the latest version of the connections reform roadmap published by the Australian Energy Market Operator and The Clean Energy Council.  


Bioenergy Australia - Transitioning Australia’s Liquid Fuel Sector: The Role of Renewable Fuels 

Read this if you would like to know about Bio Energy’s Australia's latest media release. This is about transitioning Australia’s liquid fuel sector and the role of renewable fuels.  


NSW Energy Security Corp to address “spiralling costs” of pumped hydro projects 

Read this if you are interested in NSW’s proposed Energy Security Board and how NSW is expected to deal with energy transition given their current reliance on coal power in their grid.  


Breakthrough EV battery pack could last 2 million kms, or 130 years of average driving

Read this if you are interested in the mass production of electric batteries and how many kilometres one charge could go with this new technology.