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The Latest News on Energy Transition 15.05.2023

By Hannah Watkinson posted 15-05-2023 02:59 PM


Energy Transition News this week features stories on solar, battery storage, budgets and even uses duck graphs. We look at how energy is distributed and talk about what GFM’s are.  


National Net Zero Authority  

Read this if you are interested in the Prime Minister of Australia and the Minister for Climate Change and Energy’s joint media release about a national net zero authority.  


'Gamechanger' | Offshore solar farms poised for big league as Dutch set multi-gigawatt target 

Read this if you would like to know about offshore solar farms and the Dutch government's target to build 3GW off of their coast by 2030. 


Big batteries charge on to centre stage with new tricks for the grid 

Read this article if you want to know about big battery storage within Australia, how long they lost and how much they can hold.  


Grid-forming Inverter Modelling, Analysis, and Technical Performance 

Read this if you would like a summary of grid forming inverter modelling’s known capabilities, limitations, and considerations from a power system modelling and technical performance perspective.  


Bowen rules out ‘blue’ hydrogen from $2b production payment plan 

To read this article you will need a subscription to financial review. It discusses Labor’s $2 billion hydrogen headstart scheme to help fund the use of fossil fuels and carbon capture technology to generate a “blue” version of the future energy and industrial input. 


Saturation DER modelling shows distributed energy and storage could lower costs for all consumers if we get the regulation right 

Read this if you would like to know the findings from this fresh approach using ITP modelling to see what this might look like through a range of scenarios