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The Latest News on Energy Transition 05.05.2023

By Hannah Watkinson posted 05-05-2023 04:20 PM


The world of energy transition news is buzzing! From how people feel about electrifying their lives to updates on Snowy 2.0 there is certainly no shortage of news to catch up on.  


Renewables drive lower prices, record low emissions 

Read this to find out how renewable energy is driving down the wholesale cost of energy, setting new records for minimum demand for electricity from the grid and driving emissions to record lows, AEMO’s latest market intelligence report shows. 


The Most-Cited Number About the Inflation Reduction Act Is Probably Wrong, and That Could Be a Good Thing – an explainer about the Inflation Reduction Act in the US 

 Read this to find out why $391 billion, which is based on the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate of the spending from the law’s programs related to climate and clean energy may be the wrong number to cite.  

Batteries battle with spinning machines for key role in 100 pct renewables grid 

Read this if you are interested in what a 100% renewable energy system would look like, the challenges of replacing fossil fuels and who gets who gets to provide the essential services to the grid 


Reduce, remove and store: The role of carbon sequestration in accelerating Australia’s decarbonisation April 2023  

The purpose of this paper is to help policymakers, emitters, and markets to better understand how Australia’s carbon sequestration potential can be scaled, accelerated, and used responsibly. 


Community Attitudes to Home and Car Electrification Research Report April 2023 

Read this if you are interested in what Australians think about electrifying their lives, from electric cooktops to their cars.  


Can community batteries plug an energy storage gap? 

Read this if you are interested in energy storage and exploring solutions.  


“Change of philosophy:” Wind, solar and battery projects get bigger and more complex 

Read this if you are interested in the differences between grid following inverters and grid forming inverters.  


The Victorian Government is kickstarting the State Electricity Commission (SEC) with a search for a pioneer investment in renewable energy generation and storage. 

Find out about the pioneer investment mandate and the call for registrations of interest from market participants to identify suitable renewable energy generation and storage projects across Victoria. 


Every Building Counts: Innovating for a greener, healthier, and more equitable built environment 

A snapshot into this read, “Across eight policy themes, Every Building Counts sets out policy recommendations which provide a roadmap for governments towards a greener, healthier, more equitable built environment.” 


Renewables power ahead with record-breaking energy generation for Australia 

This article discusses the Australian Energy Markets Operator’s latest data.  


Winding Up: Decommissioning, Recycling and Waste Management of Australian Wind Turbines. 

This article talks about what happens after its time to decommission wind turbines and what we can do integrate sustainability into supply chains.  


Renewable energy industrial precincts: Scaling up industrial decarbonisation through a coordinated approach – Climateworks Report 

Read this to learn more about REIPs (Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts)  



 Read this for a project update on SNOWY 2.0 

Snowy 2.0 pumped hydro project hit with new delays, cost blowouts 

This article talks about the wider effects that the SNOWY 2.0 project delays may lead to.  


Low wind and solar prices and long duration batteries: Where now for pumped hydro? 

This article discusses the obstacles we face in the journey to replace fossil fuels with renewables and NSW’s 1.5 degree climate target.  


Solar innovator Sundrive maps out plan for 5GW of Australian PV manufacturing 

Read about how Sundrive outlines their plans to make Australia a PV powerhouse by producing up to 5GW of solar PV a year.