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Launching our new Climate Smart Engineering Info Hub.

By Clementine West posted 21-10-2022 11:13 AM


We are thrilled to welcome to our EAXchange community the Climate Smart Engineering Initiative (CSEI) Information Hub.

This information hub aims to be an effective repository platform for important climate-related documents and information; including, for example, sharing EA’s reporting on the upcoming international climate negotiations of COP27 (scheduled for 6-18 November 2022).

The hub will provide EA members with open access to all uploaded information; it will house documents relating to EA’s CSEI workplan as well as approved climate-relevant collateral sourced from colleges and divisions (e.g., plans and strategies). Please note that the communication functionality is limited as it is intended to serve as a centralised repository for important information that can be easily accessed by the membership at anytime.

Once in the CSEI Information Hub, all documents can be accessed via the “Library” link. Click on the red “folder” icon to reveal how the documents have been organised by theme; to expand a folder, simply click on “+” icon and similarly to minimise click on the “-” as illustrated below.

If you’d like further information please reach out to Mark Bonner, Head - EA’s Climate Smart Engineering Initiative ([email protected]).